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Office 365 Business Premium Vs Office 365 Enterprise 3 – What’s the Difference?

Our engineers here at Lucidica say that one of the most common problems that clients come to them with is not understanding the differences between Microsoft Office software packages – to be honest, you can’t blame them; it can be confusing! When it comes to choosing which Microsoft Office plan is best for your business, […]

The WannaCry Cyber Attacks- A Week On

As I’m sure some of you are aware, just over a week ago, the UK and many other countries suffered a Ransomware attack that coated the nation in chaos. It will go down in history as one of the world’s worst cyber-attacks, successfully reaching over 230,000 machines in over 150 countries worldwide. If you want to […]

SSD vs HDD: Which One is Better?

It isn’t breaking news to say that Hard Disk Drives are slowly dying out. With the capacity of SSD ever increasing, it won’t be long before the massive file storage advantage of the HDD is under threat. The main question on everyone’s lips these days is really ‘Why HDD?’, rather than SSD? This article will […]

Tips to Better Marketing in 2017

Can you believe it? It is actually 2017. Three years off the big futuristic 2020. While you are recovering from the Christmas period ( /eating your body weight in cheese boards and leftover dinners) we thought we would give you some top tips on how to market your business in 2017. Is marketing in 2017 […]

The Best Tech of 2016

  2016 has been a turbulent year, to say the least, with huge losses in the world of music, film, and culture but now it’s all over and done with, which means a full 12 months of tech to review. While 2016 has been a bad year for many things, technology actually had a good […]

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

Life moves fast. Time is short. There’s no industry that understands that more than the technology industry. This is why every device you’ve ever used has been designed to make it as easy as possible. Sometimes, though, these little tips and tricks that let us master our devices aren’t brilliantly obvious. So today, to help […]

A Brief Guide To Spam

Everyone and their grandmother suffers spam. If you’re smart you can minimise the amount of cheap Rolexes and little blue pills that you get offered on a daily basis, but it’s always a problem. In fact, nearly 80% of all the emails the average person receives are spam. So why, in an age where we […]

What to do if your website is hacked

  Nothing can seem more detrimental than having your website hacked. Hackers are usually motivated by financial means and there are two ways in which they may compromise your website: Spam Malware The first way means hackers will fill your website with spammy text and links to their website. Instead of putting the hard work in to […]

Small Business Broadband

Business broadband is such an important topic. It is literally the lifeline that most businesses run on consequently making reliable broadband a crucial choice. The act of choosing broadband is a process of weighing up the cost of a business package against the pros and cons associated with having a home or broadband package. If […]

Don’t Overpay For Cables!

  Cables are a pain. We understand this pain as being a IT support company there’s no way we can really avoid them. They lay about everywhere, cost a bomb, and you can never find the one you are looking for. The multi-coloured aspect should theoretically help locating the right cable but instead it gives […]

Office 365 Is The Only Way To Buy Microsoft

Are you a SME (small-medium-sized enterprise) seeking Office 365? Are you unsure about which package would suit your business’ needs? Would you like a 10% discount on any Office 365 licence through Lucidica? Does your SME require a management service alongside your Office 365 license? Look no further. Here are the most popular packages for […]

An Innovative Step For Your Business Management…

  What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and will it help boost your business? The world’s leading IT company Microsoft launched their new product ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365’ an intelligent business application just last week and AccuWeather and TGI Friday’s are already implementing it to their business model. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform designed to […]

The 9 Best Things About Starting a Company

  Being an entrepreneur is the hardest job out there. You are in charge of every aspect of your business and all these responsibilities do not end when the clock hits 6pm. On top of that, the odds are stacked against you. Forbes claims that 90% of start-ups fail, especially those based on blind optimism. […]

Best Tech for University Students

We know that preparing for university is hard enough without the pressure of choosing new technology which has to get you through the next three years. It’s a big and normally quite expensive investment which is made even harder by the question of what is essential. So we’ve provided you with a breakdown of what […]

What Is Clickbait?

Every year in September a carefully selected group of words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary, words that have become so ingrained within our lexicon that they’ve earned the right to appear within the hallowed pages of the OED. Along with words such as scrumdiddlyumptious, Yoda-like and moobs is the inclusion of the word […]

IOS 10 Minus The Battery Problems

IOS 10,  Apples biggest ever system update. It comes with a huge development to iPhone Maps, artificial intelligence built into the keyboard, a redesigned lock screen widget and much, much more. Even CEO Tim Cook has described the update as “the mother of all releases”. But has this come at a cost? Have they really […]

10 Best iOS 10 Features

  Welcome to the new Apple update IOS 10. The brand new software update for iPads, iPhones and iPods. But what changes have Apple made and is it worth risking the supposed rumours of lower battery life, decreased storage and harder useability? Well at Lucidica we have researched what the 10 best features of the […]